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March 21, 2000

Herewith a few odds and ends, or the results of wool gathering while cleaning out the lint from some obscure pockets of the mind....

New things are appearing around town. The Landmark Baptists are finishing up a classy new sign in the front yard of their new church home out on Seventh street. Over on Fifteenth street, behind Wal-Mart and the Best Yet Food Store, Airborne Express appears to be about ready to begin doing business at their large new steel building. Jack Griffith has work well underway on the site of his new service station at Fourteenth and Fir. The new Medical Building for doctors north of Perry Memorial Hospital should be fully started by early spring. All of this adds up to a lot of construction going on in that part of the city.

More water line improvements are beginning at previously announced locations. The mile-long connecting link between Fir and U.S. 64 just west of I-35 is coming along well and the industrial park in that vicinity apparently is stimulating the serious interest of some prospective users. Demolition of the vacant building on Fir, near the Eighth street intersection and adjacent to the Perry Pharmacy, has cleared the site for Michael Flynn's new Farmers Insurance Agency building. It's understood that his present location just off the square on Seventh street will soon have a new occupant.

Several new home sites are expected to be opened soon. Other projects are being considered in various parts of the city, and all this continues to make Perry an exciting place to live.

Some of our Perry young people really do get around. Sarah Ruth is a good, example. She joined the world-wide CNN news force a few years ago after earning a college degree, and she is now based in Washington, D.C., with the title of "White House Producer." Sarah's parents, Tom and Susan Ruth, live just across the street from us and Tom was showing us the other day a computer printout from the CNN web site. It was a compilation of the day's top news stories and the lead item was about a major White House announcement expected later in the day. The byline showed that the article was written by Sarah. It means she not only serves as producer but as a reporter when the occasion demands. And she is obviously capable in both areas.

Now, CNN is one of the world's leading news suppliers and Sarah, who is only 26 years old, has done very well in the relatively short time she has been with them. She was in the lead party that went to India and Pakistan to prepare for the coverage of President Clinton and daughter Chelsea in their visit to that part of the world. That speaks pretty well of the faith CNN has in her ability as a producer of news from one of the world's most powerful leaders.