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Barney P. Enright - Lahoma - Stereoscopic

Stereoscopic photography duplicates the way we normally see by taking a pair of photographs separated by a distance equal to the separation between a typical person's eyes. The two pictures then have a viewpoint similar to the view seen by the left and right eye. With a "viewer" these images are directed to the left and right eyes and are fused by the brain into a single image with the appearance of depth.

Click on the images for a larger view. NOTE: Close each pop-up window before opening another.

Stereospopic photograph of a street scene
Street Scene
Stereospopic photograph of a street scene
Street Scene
Stereoscopic photograph of men beside a stream
Men standing beside stream
Stereoscopic photograph of tarantula on fallen leaves
Tarantula on fallen leaves
Stereoscopic photograph of a cave
Image of the B.P. Enright photographer's stamp on the back of the stereoscopic photographs
Photographer's stamp on back of stereoscopic photos