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Noble County - Lucien

In the northwest corner of section 29 in the Warren Valley township of Noble county on the homestead of John K. Mateer a post office called Mateer was started soon after the strip opened. The mail was delivered to this post office by star route and the carrier was Cal Hamblin. The Rock Spring school was located just northeast and it was thought a town would be located here. A family by the name of Emerson built a store here and their son was the first doctor. The Frisco railroad was being built which was then called the Arkansas Valley and Western. They decided to build a depot where the town of Lucien is now.

The steel was laid on the railroad through Lucien in the fall of 1903 and the town was called Woolsey. The first bank in Lucien was called the Bank of Woolsey. When the post office department put in a post office they found there was another Woolsey in Oklahoma so the name was changed to Lucien, for Lucien Emerson.

The information on this town was taken from: The Noble County Genealogy Society History of Noble County Oklahoma Perry, OK: McNaughton & Gunn, Inc., 1987. Permission was granted by the Noble County Genealogy Society to Cheryl DeJager and the Cherokee Strip Museum to use this information for research purposes. The information should not be used for publication or for other purposes without the express permission of the Noble County Genealogy Society.

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Street Scene, Lucien, Oklahoma