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Noble County - Morrison

In 1893 a man by the name of Autry established a store in the east part of Noble County, a short distance from present day Morrison. It consisted of a of a general store and post office operated by Mr. Autry. The Perry to Pawnee stage delivered the mail.

Within a year, James H. Morrison, who had staked a claim nearby, purchased Autry's holdings and continued running the business with the addition of a hotel. Morrison gave 40 acres of his claim for a townsite and unincorporated Autry became Morrison with six blocks, a park, and a school reserve being laid out. The engineer's plan was filed in August, 1894.

The information on this town was taken from: The Noble County Genealogy Society History of Noble County Oklahoma Perry, OK: McNaughton & Gunn, Inc., 1987. Permission was granted by the Noble County Genealogy Society to Cheryl DeJager and the Cherokee Strip Museum to use this information for research purposes. The information should not be used for publication or for other purposes without the express permission of the Noble County Genealogy Society.

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Morrison Main Street Morrison State Bank Morrison Citizen's Bank
3rd Street Coples Cotton Gin Cotton Gin
Morrison Store Interior Public School Commercial Band
Feeding Cattle Gas Well