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Noble County Sentinel - Holiday Edition - Dec. 23, 1897

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Ho! for the Wichita!

Scene in the Wichita MountainsThe Ft. Sill, Kansas Citv and St. Louis Land, Townsite and Mining Association has been incorporated for more than a year under the laws of Oklahoma. W. O. Anderson, president: Joel Brown, treasurer, and Capt. T. R. Cook, general manager. Its purpose is for the benefit of the common people: it is co-operative in its methods and proposes to protect its members against unlawful acts in the settlement of the new lands that are to be open to settlement in the near future and to establish a system of labor exchange among the members. All who contemplate going into the Wichita country at the opening will make no mistake by investigating the plans of this association. W. 0. Anderson, the president, is well and favorably known in the west. Capt. Joel Brown is also known in the commercial and political world and his integrity is unquestioned. Capt. T. R. Cook is a yankee of the frontier type and is very much in earnest in making the association a success. Any information desired can be obtained by writing either of the above named officers at Perry, Oklahoma. .All correspondence will be promptly answered.

G. T. BryanG. T. Bryan.

This gentleman is the present efficient treasurer of Noble county and is serving his constituents commendably. He is a native of Missouri, was born in Buchanan county near the city of St. Joseph and resided there until coining to Oklahoma in 1893. Mr. Bryan was raised on a farm. While quite a young man he engaged in the mercantile business, followed that four years, and then took a position as traveling agent of a harvesting company which he held several years. He located a fine farm one mile north of the city at the opening and before his election to office was engaged in farming. Mr. Bryan is very genial and accommodating in his manner and has a large circle of friends.

Dr. W. B. Brengle.

Dr. W. B. BrengleDr. Brengle is one of the oldest physicians in Perry. He has been practicing in the city since the early days and is one of the best known men in his profession in Oklahoma. He was born in Winchester, Scott county, Illinois, forty-seven years ago, received his early education in the schools at home, after which he attended the State University at Columbia, Mo., for two years. He then entered the Rush Medical College of Chicago and remained there four years. Dr. Brengle is a born physician and comes from a family of physicians, his father and four brothers being engaged in the practice of medicine. In connection with a general practice he makes a specialty of catarrh and has made a wonderful success in the treatment of this dreaded disease. Dr. Brengle has all modern appliances for use in medicine and surgery and he has performed some of the most difficult operations with success as is known to the public generally in the Territory. His offices and apartments are the largest and most commodious in the city, occupying the entire second floor of the New York Hardware building. There is a large reception room beautifully furnished, a laboratory and operating room and a private hospital for the use of patients. The doctor is very progressive and sets the pace for some of the other members of his profession. He is all occupied in his professional duties, his only diversion being a love of fast horses and he keeps a number of the fleetest steeds that travel the roads of Noble county.

A. W. TuckerA. W. Tucker.

This gentleman holds the position of Register of Deeds of Noble county, haying been elected on the Free Silver ticket in the fall of '96. He is a native of Saline county, Missouri, and resided there until he immigrated to Noble county at the "opening." He was well known at his former home as a farmer and stock raiser and devoted a large portion of his time to buying and selling stock. Mr. Tucker has a fine farm twenty miles northwest of Perry in Whiterock township. It is well improved and he was one of the fortunate ones to grow a large crop of wheat this year. He is very attentive to the duties of his office and takes a pleasure in waiting upon the public.

Ottawa Fruit Trees.

PERRY, OKLA., Dec. 13, 1897.

Three-year-old Orchard of W. H. Baker, Trees Furnished by Chas. C. Alling of the Ottawa Star NurseriesDear Sir: As to the growth and quality of fruit trees I got of the Ottawa Star Nursery two years ago last spring I will say that they have made the largest growth of any trees that have come under my notice in any of the states within the same length of time. The peach trees are twelve feet high and fifteen inches in circumference and had some of as fine peaches the past season as can be produced in the United States. Beginning with the Arkansas Traveler which were fine for their season, Alexander, a larger and much finer peach, Foster, extra fine flavor and good size. The Crawfords are of my best peaches, only being surpassed by the El Berta, which for size, quality and beauty surpasses them all. The Wonderful, ripening the last of September, is one of the best late peaches. All of the plums are fine, the Baton being far in the lead. Trees now stand eleven feet (continued on page 12)