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Noble County Sentinel - Holiday Edition - Dec. 23, 1897

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(continued from page 12) U. S. Judgeships of this Territory. Judge Caldwell, the U. S. Circuit Judge of the 8th Circuit, says: "I have known A. H. Boles, of Perry, Okla., since his youth. He studied law with me and I am familiar with his career since he was admitted to practice. He is a good lawyer, a man of unblemished reputation and enjoys the confidence of all who know him. He is well qualified for a judicial position, or any other position requiring ability, integrity and business capacity."

Parties wanting to purchase Noble county farms should write to W. H. Campbell, the live real estate man. He will send you a list of desirable property and furnish any information that you may want in regard to the county. Be sure and write him.

Rueb Brothers.

The lovers of the best the culinary art affords, who have become accustomed to visiting the eating houses of Perry, will vote with one accord that Rueb Bros. place is superior to all others, when it comes to pleasing to the taste with the delicacies and the substantial foods. The boys keep a neat, clean place and their cooking is according to the Queen's taste. Regular meals and short order furnished day and night. They keep a first-class bakery and furnish as fine bread and pastry as can he made. The Rueb brothers, Alex, Roy, and Albert, are royal good fellows and are deserving of the success they have enjoyed during their business career in Perry. They came here at the opening and established their business which has had a steady growth.

The President's Message

The message of President McKinley is lergely historical in character. It tells the people what has taken place in the past ten years, but it does not give much light as to what is going to take place. The history of the greenbacks is given; the history of the Cuban insurrection is given; the history of the tariff is given, but clear-cut, definite and statesmanlike recommendations as to what shall be done with the green backs the Cuban question and the tariff are not given.

The president is full of faith. He has faith that the tariff will be all right if it is only given time. He has faith that Spain will come out all right if that government is given time; he has faith that reciprocity treaties will settle all commercial difficulties with foreign nations - in time.

The nearest approach to a positive opinion made by the president is his recommendation that "when any United States notes are redeemed in gold, such notes shall he kept apart, and only paid out in exchange for gold." This of course, cannot be accomplished without an amendment of the existing currency laws, and as it is in effect a contraction of the currency it will meet with decided opposition in congress.

The message is long, labored and in the nature of a special plea. The task before the president was full of difficulties. He was forced to congratulate the country on a prosperity which is not general; to urge monetary measures upon which his own party is divided; to plead for Spain when the people wished him to plead for Cuba; to promise future revenue, when a present deficit stared him in the face, and to recommend Hawaiian annexation in opposition to public sentiment.

Through the instrumentality of Charley Colcord some of the best Kentucky blook of stock has been imported and sold in this county.This high grade of stock will be in evidence in after years when our people become accustomed to the raising of thoroughbreds. It is just as cheap and easy to raise a thoroughbred horse or cow as it is a scrub, and as soon as our farmers become aware of this fact it will be hard to find a scrub -horse or cow in Noble county.

See W. H. Campbell's list of farms for sale. He has all classes of lands can and made the quality and price to suit.

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