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Noble County Sentinel - Holiday Edition - Dec. 23, 1897

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Hon. Dick T. Morgan.

Hon. Dick T. MorganThis gentleman is well known in Oklahoma legal circles and is the author of two most valuable works. "Morgan's Manual of the U. S. Homestead Laws" and "Morgan's Digest of the Oklahoma Statutes and Supreme Court Reports." He graduated from Union Christian College of Indiana in 1876, and was, for a time, professor of mathematics in the same institution. He graduated from the Central Law School of Indianapolis in 1880, and the same year was elected a member of the Indiana legislature from the Terre Haute district. For three years he edited and published the Terre Haute Daily Courier. In 1886 he removed (sic) to Garden City, Kansas, where he engaged in the practice of law and was the attorney for the Santa Fe railroad. He went to Guthrie at the opening of Oklahoma proper and resided there until the opening of the "Cherokee Outlet." Of his first work four editions have been published and 10,000 copies sold. Mr. Morgan's latest publication entitled. "Morgan's Digest of Oklahoma Statutes and Supreme Court Reports," promises to have a large sale, and to be read almost universally by our people. This book contains over three hundred pages of matter, printed in solid brevier type, and hence contains about as much matter a work of double the size printed in the style of ordinary law books. Oklahoma now has three volumes of Statutes, viz: Laws of 1893, 1895 and 1897, and there have been published five volumes of Supreme Court Reports. These eight volumes contain about six thousand pages and cost over thirty dollars. Mr. Morgan's aim has been to present in one volume in condensed form, the pith and substance of all that is contained in these eight volumes. An examination of the work will show that he has succeeded admirably in his purpose. The work has been prepared with the idea that the people generally are interested in the laws of their own State or Territory, and that if these laws were presented in such form as to place them within reach of all common readers that the people would purchase and read such a book.

Residence of the Hon. Dick T. MorganIn addition to the Digest of the Supreme Court Reports, the value of which every lawyer will recognize, there is also added a system of tables. In these tables is presented every section of the laws of 1893, 1895, 1897, Revised Statutes of the United States, and the Organic Act, which have been referred to or construed by our Supreme Court. By an examination of these tables, a lawyer can readily ascertain whether or not a certain section has been construed by our Supreme Court, with reference to the volume and page where the same will be found. One feature of the work is the forms presented primarily for the use of the general reader. Men are often desirous of entering into contracts or agreements where legal blanks cannot be secured, and where the services of a lawyer cannot be obtained, and especially on such occasions a book with such forms is invaluable. The editor of this edition has examined this work and can cheerfully recommend it to every citizen of the Territory. There is no branch of knowledge that will he more beneficial to the citizens and do more for the advancement of the community than a greneral knowledge of the laws of the Territory which govern the rights of property as well as the liberty of the people. Parties who desire the book can secure the same by addressing Dick T. Morgan at Perry, Oklahoma. Cloth binding sells for $2.00 and the law sheep binding at $2.50. The usual discount will be allowed to dealers and agents.

Fleming, Mockley & Farmer.

This reliable firm has been recognized as one of the substantial business institutions of Perry for the past four years and their methods have been such as to increase the confidence of the public in their ability to supply their wants. They carry a large and complete line of hardware, stoves, tinware, farming implements, wagons, buggies, etc. and their goods are of such superior order that they can warrant and recommend them to their customers. Their sales this year have been large and every customer has become a friend of the house and their method of doing business. In addition to their large stock at this place, these gentlemen operate a branch at Stillwater which is in charge of Mr. Farmer. The store at this place is situated on the north side of the square. The interior is always well arranged, and glittering steel is to be seen on every side. Everything about their house from the sidewalk to the rear, recommends them to purchasers. and the number is constantly on the increase.

Frank LugertFrank Lugert.

This gentleman is one of the enterprising business men of Perry and has identified himself with the city in a way that helps to improve the town. Mr. Lugert is a native of Austria, came to America in 1883, located in Milwaukee and resided in Wisconsin. for six years, from there he removed (sic) to Iowa where he was engaged in business before the opening of this country. He came here on the first day and has enjoyed a most prosperous business from the beginning. Mr. Lugert has just erected the beautiful residence on west D street, a photograph of which is shown on this page. This is one of the handsomest residences in the city and speaks well for the gentlemen's enterprise and good taste in its erection.

Residence of the Frank LugertPerry's growth has been along the line of development, rather than of mushroon kind, while the city has not increased in size from the time it was settled. It has wonderfully developed and that too along the most substantial lines. Perry is a permanent fixture in point of public improvements and advancement. Perry is now in the lead of many of the older towns of the states.

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