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Barney P. Enright - Enright Brothers 1912-13

The Enright Brothers photo gallery began operation on November 21, 1912 on the west side of 7th street between Delaware and Elm. They purchased the business from a well known local photographer, A. A. Hughes, who was moving to California.

Photograph of Lahoma School Children in 1910 by Walter EnrightThe question as to which of Barney's brothers was his partner remains. It is suspected that Barney's younger brother, Walter, joined him in business because of this group photograph taken in Lahoma in 1910. The name of the photograher in the lower right corner is Walter Enright.

The last advertisement we find for Enright Bros. was a 1913 Christmas ad in the Perry Republican. According to the Noble County Sentinel of October 1, 1914, the business was sold early in 1914 to C. E. Brown. *

Many studio portraits bear the very professional looking embossed ensignia of Enright Bros. However, it is apparent that Barney still had a passion for free-lance photography as in these very rare postcards.

Postcard of Perry's Carnegie Library
Carnegie Library
Postcards of the City Dam
City Dam
 Postcard of a banner advertising 1st National Bank
1st Nat'l Bank Banner
Postcard of the New Santa Fe Depot
New Santa Fe Depot
Long postcard of a play in Perry
Play in Perry
 Postcard of an oil righ 8 1/2 miles south of Perry
Oil Rig south of Perry

*The Perry Republican, October 8, 1914, said that the Enrights sold to E. C. Brown, not C. E.